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The fundraiser request process is as follows:

  1. Log In. (Links to the login pages are at the bottom of the Home page. )

  2. In the menu, choose Fundraisers/New Fundraiser Request to begin a new fundraiser request or Fundraisers/Search to retrieve one that you have previously saved.

  3. Save to finish later if you do not have all the required information ready.

  4. Click "Submit for Approval" and an email will be sent to the principal for his/her review (it will be approved or denied, or you may be contacted with a request to modify or add additional information). Once submitted, you will be unable to edit the request. (If you ever need to make edits, ask for the status to be changed back to “not submitted.”)

  5. Once approved by the principal, the Assistant Superintendent will be notified for his/her review and approval. (If food is to be sold, served or distributed on campus, it will go to Child Nutrition first.)

  6. Once all approvals are given, you will be notified by email and you may proceed with the fundraiser.

  7. Following the fundraiser, school activity fund fundraisers will go through a post-fundraiser financial recap. After the fundraiser has been conducted and all bills are paid, the bookkeeper or secretary will log in and notify the submitter that the financial recap should be prepared. (This is not required of parent organization fundraisers.)

  8. The submitter will provide financial information to show the revenue, expenses and profit, and attach pertinent information. The school bookkeeper will review this and when agreement exists between sponsor and bookkeeper, the report will be forwarded to the principal for final acceptance.

  9. The school bookkeeper or principal's secretary will receive an email notification any time a request is submitted to the principal; is approved by the assistant superintendent; or denied by anyone.