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Campus and Student Activity Funds are deposited by school staff into the District or school’s bank account and are controlled by the school, under the direction of a staff sponsor and the principal. Campus Activity Funds are schoolwide funds such as "General", "Library" and "Yearbook". Student Activity Funds are student clubs and the faculty fund.

Parent Organizations are PTOs, PTAs, booster clubs, and other parent organizations which are established to promote school programs or complement student groups or activities. Even though a Parent Organization/Booster Club works very closely with the District, it is a separate entity from the District. The funds raised by the organization are deposited into the parent organization’s bank account and are controlled by its officers.

Fort Bend ISD requires that all fundraisers be reviewed and approved by the principal and assistant superintendant before being held. This allows the district to be sure that all appropriate laws and policies are followed and helps protect the district, clubs, and organizers from potential problems and scheduling conflicts.

How does the approval process work ?

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